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epinephelus grouper fish in deep water
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When fishing in Sarasota Bay, targeting grouper, redfish, and tripletail can lead to an exciting and rewarding experience. Here’s some information about each of these fish:

  1. Grouper: Grouper is a popular target species in Sarasota Bay. These fish are known for their delicious taste and challenging fight. Some common types of grouper found in the area include red grouper, gag grouper, and black grouper. They are often found around reefs, ledges, and other structure in deeper water. Using live bait such as pinfish or shrimp, or artificial lures like jigs or diving plugs can increase your chances of a successful grouper catch.
  2. Redfish: Redfish, also known as red drum, are another sought-after species in Sarasota Bay. They are known for their vibrant red color and strong fighting ability. Redfish can be found in grassy flats, mangroves, and around oyster bars. Shrimp, live and cut bait, as well as soft plastic lures or spoons, are effective baits for redfish. Pay attention to tides and look for feeding activity to improve your chances of catching them.
  3. Tripletail: Tripletail is a unique and highly prized fish in the area. They are known for their distinctive shape and ability to hide near floating objects such as buoys, crab traps, or even debris. Targeting tripletail requires a bit of finesse and patience. Live shrimp, small crabs, or artificial lures that mimic these baits can entice them to strike. When you spot a tripletail, make sure to approach quietly and present your bait in a natural manner.

Remember to follow local fishing regulations, practice catch and release when appropriate, and always be respectful of the environment. Good luck on your fishing adventures in Sarasota Bay! Book a trip now with

Photo by Pascal Ingelrest on

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